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Elise and Josh Tait here, together we are Adventure Bound, We have two beautiful kids, Riley and Khloe.

Two years ago, we set off on a mission, to escape the daily grind and live our dream life! 


In November 2019 we sold our house in the country town of Ballarat VIC, packed up as little as we could and are now travelling Australia full- time in our caravan with no return date!

Josh grew up in the town of regional Ballarat VIC, he has always had a passion and love for any type of adventure, and camping is in his blood. His love from a young age was dirt bikes, water skiing, and any type of extreme sport. 


He isn’t afraid of giving anything a go, and likes to keep himself busy. Josh worked for fourteen years as a Tradie, before moving to the online space.

Elise grew up in the busy city life of Melbourne, VIC, and has always had a passion for helping others and living a happy- go- lucky life. 


She was a Nurse for ten years, before moving to the online space. Her happy place is the ocean, and loves nothing more than hearing the sweet sounds of nature in the mornings.

We met back in 2011 through Elise’s sister. Let’s just say we caught each other’s eye and knew from the get go we were meant to be.

Long story short, we had our son Riley in 2016, got married in 2018, Elise moved to Ballarat and a few years later we had our daughter Khloe in 2019.

Riley is now four years old, he is very much like his Dad, and some may even say is a pure clone of him! He loves to explore out in the bush, doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and loves searching for worms. 


Riley’s first camping trip was when he was five months old, and he also has the love of adventures in his blood. 


He has a kind heart, needs lots of attention and if you ever lose him in a caravan park- go straight to the jumping pillow!

Khloe is now a one year old, she has lived in a caravan since she was only six months old and has taken to it very well. She also has a love of jumping the waves with her Mum, and finds her big-bro very amusing! 


She is an easy going, sweet and cuddly little girl, but also has a very cheeky side. We love watching her grow and know this trip is one that will help shape who she becomes.

Before our Lap of Oz began, we got away in our van on weekends and whenever we could, but our love of travel and our dream of seeing everything this country has to offer was too big to let go!

We wanted to show our kids all we could, and teach them life lessons that can’t be taught in every day schooling. 


So, we made the decision to leave the busy life we had behind, start an online business and take off around this incredible country!

We hope you enjoy following our adventures just as much as we enjoy sharing them. This website is designed so we can help motivate and inspire you to live a life on your terms.

We will share more about us and how we got here, business tips, kid- friendly destinations, challenges and most of all bucket loads of fun!

No one is in control of you, and life is too short to be anything else but happy!

If you have any questions at all please shoot us a message on any of our social media accounts or via the website.

Cheers, and happy travelling!

Elise, Josh, Riley and Khloe


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