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I felt that nothing else mattered except keeping my children alive, and giving them everything they needed in life.

Which is what every mother wants.

But you soon realize, that there is more than just being “the mum” and it’s okay to step away from time to time.

My passions faded, and my purpose got lost in motherhood.

I lost my identity and who I truly was.

Deep down to my core my soul was screaming for more, but again the mum guilt creeps in and the kids wants and needs come first.

But my values changed, I developed a strong why, and after a while my drive got bigger.

I always knew I was destined for more. As much as I cleaned, cooked and became the Mary Poppins, I knew I wasn’t going to be “just the mum” forever.

There was more to me. I was here to plant my flag and spread me message to the masses.

To the women who also knew they were destined for more.

One day I realized my worth. I stopped ignoring the nudges.

I realized I had a fire in my belly that wasn’t going to burn out.

It was then I made a decision to no longer accept anything less than what I deserved.

I was going to go after what was always rightfully mine.

I was no longer going to be the “yes” girl, and the mum who just did it all.

I wanted to be the mum who broke the rules and went out and made her own!

So I did. I went on and created a 6-figure business online.

It was hard. It was challenging. And I still had to be the Mary Poppins, all whilst building my business.

But I did it.


Because us women are more powerful than we believe. And the potential to create the reality we only dream of is limitless.

When we lose our purpose and forget why we do things, that is the exact moment we need to rise up and conquer.

That is the moment you shine.

That is the moment it all changes.

That is the moment you go searching.

The dark days won’t be dark forever, and our greatest pain can become our greatest gift.

Motherhood doesn’t have to be the only thing you accomplish in life. As magical and incredibly rewarding it is, there also is another side to you that can also bring you the joy and abundance you know you can have.

Stop letting the wants and needs of others decide where your future goes.

You have a voice, and you matter too.

Mum bun, trackies, messy house and all, you’ve got this. If I can do it, you can too.

Be your own mum, and give yourself the best piece of advice you possibly could right now, in this moment.

What would it be?

Elise x

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